Thermography Course Refresher

Thermography Course

IPI Learning offers a range of thermography refresher courses for experienced thermographers, who have already completed an Infraspection infrared training course. Infrared thermography is a dynamic technology that is constantly evolving. Because of this, Infraspection Institute’s course content is constantly being updated as technological and industry advances dictate.  Therefore, even experienced thermographers can find themselves in need of updated qualifications.

If it has been several years since you attended an Infraspection Institute course, there have been BIG changes in the course material and content. Joining us for a current course can provide you with up-to-date information that will help to keep your training fresh

Responding to the need for a thermography refresher course, Infraspection Institute graduates may audit our currently available training courses at a substantial discount. We have two options for individuals to audit our courses:

  1. Open Enrollment – You may attend any one of our regularly scheduled, open enrollment classes advertised on our course schedule. Course tuition  includes a new course manual, daily meals and refreshments, and written proof of attendance.
  2. Distance Learning – Our Distance Learning Courses allow thermographers to audit our courses from their home or office whenever it’s convenient for them. Course tuition includes a new course manual and standard ground shipping of same within the contiguous 48 states.

On-site thermography refresher courses are also available and are ideal for groups of four or more thermographers.

Please note the following policies regarding course auditing:

  • Course auditing is only available to Infraspection Institute graduates
  • One may audit only the same level of class previously attended
  • If one has previously attended a “specialty course” that is no longer offered, the audit must be for the same level of training as the original specialty course
  • Students auditing a course will receive the same benefits available to all other attendees
  • If you are already an Infraspection Institute Certified Infrared Thermographer®, you do not need to retake the exam. Should you elect to do so as a professional challenge, your certification number will remain the same