It can be more complicated than one would think.
Nicholas Anictomatis, PowerWater Corporation
Interesting course material. Good practical instruction.
Mark van Voskuilen, PowerWater Corporation
Very worth while course very informative
R. Marek, ACT Gov (TAMS)


Excellent course content, clear & well presented. Informative and interesting.
Matthew Wilson, Bureau Veritas
Informative. Well worth doing.
David Graham, Dunlop Foams
Great course, interesting, informative practicals & lots of pictures in the theory!
Luke Briffa, BMS


Highly recommend – learnt a lot.
Martin Garbutt, Lockheed Martin Australia
Very good course. Anyone already involved or planning to get involved in IR should attend this course. Can’t do without it. MUST!
Ahmad Kidwai, SKF
Excellent, worth the money, the best predictive maintenance tool
Mufaro Hove, BHP Billiton


Very well presented course, delivered by an expert in the field.
Robert Luyten, BHP Iron Ore
Informitive and useful tool which can be applied in many ways
Bruno Calla, Sibelco
An invaluable tool for industry maintenance, …. exceptional knowelege and enthusiams for the subject
David Hobbs, Sibelco


It is very relevent and ‘eye opening’. I now realise that the way I was conducting IR inspections is not even close to the proper way of inspecting
Andrew Kingsly Wai, OTML
Well worth completing to be aware of hiden errors with thermography
Mark Bauer, Origin Energy
It was extremely informative and benificial 
Gene Pears, BAE Systems


Very Informative, excellent presentation, a great toe hold to the IR Technology industry
Steven Pattinson, Incitec Pivot
Training Is Essential before using any thermal imagaing eqiupment
Luke Mansfield, Rio Tinto
A must do if you will be using a thermal imager, even if only in house
David Lubbe, Ansvar Insurance


The way it was presented was fantastic; easy to follow, entertaining and versatile.
Maria Perez Pulido, UTAS
I would recommend based on the total Quality of service and pre and post course support.
Matthew Trevatt, 2Sell Pty Ltd
Well delivered course. Plenty of different equipment to experiment with.
Daniel Nikolovski, DLN Electrical


If you are thinking about buying an IR Camera, do this course!
Craig McLauchlan, University of Wollongong
Great catering, made us feel like part of the company.
Bruce Tough, CSIRO-ATNF
Yes. Course Level II makes sense of Course I and really is not daunting at all. Would encourage all Level I to do Level II.
David MacKenzie, Macwater


I thought the instructor tailored it to suit our requirements and purpose of use well. Very informative and definitely beneficial for using the equipment as we require it on tasks.
Michael Esam, Defence Security Authority
Please pass on to Brenton that I thoroughly enjoyed the course and his presentation of it. He obviously has a very thorough knowledge in IR and is passionate about what he does. Looking forward to future dealings.
Martin Briffa, Qenos
Very informative… Provides balanced and independent opinions on infrared cameras in the market, well worth the investment.
Scott Allen, Alice Springs Town Council


I would really recommend other fellow countrymen in my own country to attend this course, especially the power supply industry and food processing etc.
Peter Apakali, OK Tedi Mining Ltd, PNG
Thanks very much, you did a great job and the training was ideal for where the team is at. Will definitely be looking at having you back, I was very pleased with how you ran things.
John Higgins, One Steel
If you have been using your camera without attending this course then you have probably been doing it wrong. A real eye opener.
Rod Dempsey, Morobe Mining JV


The course was supposedly introductory but we got more than this because the resource speaker was very knowledgeable & experienced, and more importantly, he was able to tone the course to the level appropriate to the participants. The camera(M4) is great and the training course is indispensable.
Florence Soriano, UTAS
Perfect course. You have busted a lot of myths for me. I have learned how to apply the theory in real world.
Jeet Mand, Rio Tinto
I don’t believe you can do your job properly unless you have attended at least the Level 1 Course.
George Bongiovanni, Fluke Australia
The best in Australia to have a thermography training.
Sam Adam, APPlus RTD
A useful tool that will reduce time in finding faults that can be found by thermography.
Richard Knight, BAE Systems
(I’d) like to keep this to myself so I have a great advantage over others.
Alan Milson, Electrical Safety Services Australia (ESSA)

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