Thermographer Infrared Thermal Imager

Thermographer Resources

Huge Range of Cameras Provided

  • Don’t have an infrared camera yet?
  • Not sure what to buy?
  • Can’t bring your thermal imaging camera offsite?

Use a massive range of thermal imaging cameras at all our classroom events.

IPI is not exclusively aligned with any infrared manufacturer or vendor. As such we provide a huge selection of thermal imagers for training and have a completely unbiased approach to equipment selection, use and applications. Unlike many manufacturer based infrared training centres we are not there to promote a single brand use, but to provide unbiased, quality training that presents the entire spectrum of the infrared market. Accordingly our thermographer courses appeal to users of ALL brands of thermal imagers, no matter what model or age.

Our wide range of infrared training cameras encompasses all the major brands including Fluke, Flir, Testo, Trotec, SDS, SAT, Guide IR, Cox, Dali, and KEII. Our thermography trainers have had more than 20 years experience with all the major brands and can assist users with any camera they may own.

For students who have not yet purchased an infrared camera, this is an invaluable opportunity to use and assess a range thermal imaging cameras, experiencing first hand their features and benefits.

“No other infrared training course allows you to try such a variety of instruments.”

Comprehensive Reference Materials

Thermographer Course Materials

Developed over 20 years of teaching, students receive a 600+ page reference manual, which is one of the thermography industry’s most comprehensive written resources. With detailed information on application techniques, reporting, thermography standards, white papers and case studies, you will leave our Certified Infrared Training Courses with a working reference document that will serve as a valuable resource for years to come.

Ongoing Support and Thermographer Resources

All students of our infrared training centre have access to a wide variety of thermographer support services. All IPI staff are Certified Infrared Thermographers and will be able to assist with your individual inquiries. Our Senior Trainers are available via phone or email at any time to assist with advice for which there is NO CHARGE. We also host have several websites that provide additional information and resources to thermographers.

All Certified Infrared Thermographer Course attendees are offered membership to the world’s largest student thermographer association, CITA; including direct access to an online community of experienced thermographers. These resources allow students to continue learning, and to access support long after the thermography course is completed.

Additional Expert Services*:

  • Software Operation and Troubleshooting for all brands of thermal imagers
  • Professional Thermography Report and template development
  • Consultation on thermography standards and compliance issues
  • Complete auditing of Thermographer functions including infrared inspection program, reporting, standards compliance, written practice.

* Fees may apply