Infrared Training Centre

Introducing the Sim Centre, an Infrared training centre designed especially to train students in predictive maintenance technologies.  The Sim Centre has been fitted with an extensive range of equipment designed to simulate real world maintenance faults.  This allows students to survey, identify and analyse the types of faults that they are likely to find in the field, whilst under the instruction and guidance of our experienced trainers.

The purpose built infrared training centre features an array of practical experiments. These experiments simulate the major error sources encountered in the field, and allow operators to exercise their skills without having to leave the centre.

Predictive Maintenance Simulation

Our Simulation training facility offers a number of real world simulations for students to practice their new found knowledge.


Blackbody Simulators and Temperature Measurement Experiments

Our simulation room contains a number of black body simulators (furnaces) coupled with an array of practical experiments and targets for learning the fundamentals of non-contact temperature measurement. Our practical experiments are designed to simulate the major error sources you will encounter in the field and allow operators to exercise their skills without having to leave the facility.


Electrical Inspection Simulation

Low Voltage switchboards with simulated faults allow students to explore the practical aspects of scanning switchboards. Issues associated with distance, small target sizes, low emittance, hemispherical emitters, line of site issues and many other challenges are explored.  Students can learn how to properly inspect and document electrical distribution board with this safe, real world simulation.


Mechanical Inspection Simulation

The SimCentre has several purposes built mechanical test rigs consisting of motors attached to driven components. These unique rigs allow students to identify problems associated with misalignment, improper belt tension and worn bearings.  This real world simulation also prepares students for the challenges they will encounter in the field, such as line of site issues (safety barriers and shaft guards), changes in surface materials, changes in target shape and isolating the source of heat. Students are instructed on using complimentary technologies such as vibration and ultrasound to provide additional diagnostics for these conditions.


Blower Door Technology

Our simulation room has been specifically created with intentional building defects so that students can identify missing and misapplied insulation, air leakage, internal framework and building details.  We have installed the latest in Blower Door Technology to simulate windy conditions for enhanced imaging and to calculate air leakage in a structure. Students are guided in the correct preparation of a building to achieve the required conditions that are favourable for thermal imaging.  This real world simulation highlights the challenges for thermographers to identify building defects under Australian conditions.

Thermal Imager Training Blower Door