Mechanical Maintenance

Dynamic Balancing
This course delivers hands-on balancing exercises, using demo rotor kits and instruments using optical, laser and strobe light accessories for phase reference.

Precision Shaft – Laser Alignment
This course focuses on steps and procedures required to obtain a precision alignment, use of precision alignment tools, and documentation and reporting procedures

Introduction to Lubrication and Contamination Control
This course is designed to help students attain a solid start in lubrication, contamination control and how to look after machinery generally.

Bearing Technology and Maintenance
Turtle Tough has aligned this course to the National Metal & Engineering Competency Standards Unit MEM18005B and deliver this course under the auspice of TAFE SA in Australia.

Root Cause Bearing Damage Analysis
On Completion of this course, students will be able to provide background and methodology for analysis failed and damaged bearings and their components. Students will be able to uncover the true root causes of bearing damage and failures, reduced service life.