Why is Training Important?

Aside from test equipment, training is the most important investment a company will make in an infrared inspection program. Advances in technology have provided infrared equipment that is user-friendly; however, infrared thermography is not a “simply point and shoot” technology. In addition to understanding the object or system being inspected, thermographers must also understand common error sources that can influence observed thermal data. Infraspection Institute Level I and Level II courses teach infrared theory, heat transfer concepts, equipment selection and operation, how to eliminate or overcome common error sources, and specific applications. Our courses are designed to allow a student to quickly master the technology enabling a company to see an immediate return on their investment.

What Is Thermography?

Infrared thermography is a non-contact, non-destructive test method that utilizes a thermal imager to detect, display and record thermal patterns and temperatures across the surface of an object. Infrared thermography may be applied to any situation where knowledge of thermal profiles and temperatures will provide meaningful data about a system, object or process. Thermography is widely used in industry for predictive maintenance, condition assessment, quality assurance, and forensic investigations of electrical, mechanical and structural systems. Other applications include, but are not limited to: law enforcement,firefighting, search and rescue, and medical and veterinary sciences.

Are There Any Standards for Thermography?

There are a number of standards and specifications published for infrared thermography. Currently, standards exist for the certification of personnel, operation of equipment, and inspections of electrical, mechanical, and structural systems. Recognizing the need for standardized procedures, Infraspection Institute began publishing guidelines for thermography in 1993. Since their initial publication, Infraspection Institute guidelines have been adopted by hundreds of companies worldwide and incorporated into documents published by recognized standards organizations such as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Beginning in 2007, Infraspection Institute guidelines were updated and renamed as standards to reflect their industry-wide acceptance and the best practices they embody.

Nine comprehensive standards are now available from Infraspection Institute. These documents cover equipment operation, temperature measurement, and specific thermographic applications. The selection and use of applicable standards, specifications, and guidelines are taught in all Infraspection Institute courses.

Why Infraspection Institute Training?

When you consider everything Infraspection Institute has to offer, there really is no other choice for training. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, our courses and services are without equal in the infrared industry. We offer unbiased, state-of-the-art training and support services that are applicable to imagers of any type or age. With over 30 years experience in infrared training, technical consulting, standards development, and software publishing, we can help you get the most from your infrared inspection program. Give us a call and find out what thousands of other thermographers already know.

Is All Training Equal?

No. While many firms offer Level I, II, or III Courses, course content is determined by the instructor. Consequently, course content often varies widely between training firms. Courses offered by equipment manufacturers are often biased toward their own brand and often conveniently ignore key limitations of equipment that they manufacture and/or sell. Since Infraspection Institute does not manufacture or sell infrared equipment, our courses are not “infomercials”. Infraspection Institute courses are presented without marketing hype and are applicable to all infrared imagers regardless of brand or age. All Infraspection training courses are taught by experienced Level III thermographers who have extensive field experience in providing infrared inspections for a broad range of industries worldwide.

How long do I have to complete my training?

You will have 60 days to complete your selected course. A date of completion will be emailed to you at the start of your training.

What do I receive at the end of the course?

All Distance Learning students will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of their training. Students who have undertaken a Level 1 or Level 2 Certified Infrared Thermographer Distance Learning course and who go on to successfully complete the exam will also receive a certificate showing their certification number.

How do I take my exam once I have completed the training?

Students who successfully complete 32 hours of Distance Learning instruction are eligible to take the Infraspection Institute Certified Infrared Thermographer® exam. Students may take the exam free of charge at one our regularly scheduled open enrolment classes. For a fee, students may instead take their exam via a video conference link with one of our Level III Distance Learning Instructors.

Is there someone I can contact if I have any questions during my training?

Yes. One of our Level 3 Instructors will be available by phone or email to help with any questions you might have about your training. Phone support is available during regular business hours and we will endeavour to respond to your emails within 1-2 business days.

When will my course materials arrive?

This depends on your location, but you should receive your course materials within approximately 2-3 weeks of registration.

When can I get started?

Within approximately 1-2 weeks of registering you will receive a welcome email explaining how to access the online portion of your training. You can access this straight away however we recommend waiting until you receive your course materials to start the training.

What do I receive for this training?

You will receive 24 hour a day access to the online training modules and quizzes for each course unit, a student reference manual, materials for hands-on experiments, instructions for self directed field assignments, proof of course completion, and free shipping of course materials.

Infraspection Institute’s Distance Learning courses are divided into narrated one-hour units allowing you to work at a pace that’s convenient for you. Each course unit is designed to build upon the previous units of the course. You may return to individual course units at any time for review.

How can I register?

You can register for any of our courses online, simply click ‘Book Now’ on our home page! Alternatively fill out our registration form  and  fax to 03 9872 6055 or email to [email protected].

Do I Have to Attend a Class to Become Certified?

No. As an alternative to taking the certification exam at the end of a course, students who complete 32 hours of Distance Learning may also take the Certified Infrared Thermographer® exam. These exams must be taken in person and are available at any of our regularly scheduled courses, at our annual IR/INFO Conference, or by appointment at an approved Infraspection Institute testing facility. As an alternative, students may also take their exam via a video conference link to one of our Level III Distance Learning Instructors.

Can Training Be Conducted at My Facility?

Yes! In addition to our Level I, II, and III Certified Infrared Thermographer Courses, Infraspection Institute can also provide customized on-site training at your facility. With an on-site class, our Level III instructors will travel to your facility and can customize our training to meet your company’s particular needs. Whenever possible, we will work with your on-site staff to conduct field trips and address your company’s particular applications. On-site courses provide a cost-effective alternative to attending open-enrollment classes. On-site classes may be conducted for any number of students and are generally cost-effective with classes of 5 or more students.

What is Certification?

Infrared certification is written proof that a person has completed formal training and/or possesses a certain skill set. Certification has long been one measure of thermographer competence within the infrared community much in the same way a diploma or degree is used among educational institutions. With over 26 years in business and nearly 10,000 graduates worldwide, Infraspection Institute is the oldest and most respected name in infrared certification. Recognizing our reputation for excellence, smart engineers demand Infraspection Certified Infrared Thermographers® for their projects. The Infraspection Institute Certified Infrared Thermographer® program is compliant with international standards organizations such as ISO and ASNT.

What happens if I can’t attend?

Cancellation will only be accepted in writing and must be acknowledged by IPI Learning. Cancellations received and acknowledged at least 4 weeks prior to the course commencement date will incur a 20% Administration Fee. Within 4 weeks of course commencement date any cancellation will result in the full course fee being payable; any monies already paid will be non-refundable. At any stage the course may be transferred between participants. You may also defer once to the next available course date. Any further deferral will be considered as a cancellation and all fees forfeited.

What meals are provided?

For four day training IPI learning will provide you with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea daily  as well as tea, coffee and refreshments at each of our hourly breaks. Half day courses and information sessions will receive tea, coffee and light refreshments.

Will you cater for my dietary requirements?

No, we don’t serve pet food, or parties pies and samosas. Our training is professionally catered for with a gourmet selection from the finest eateries in the area. We cater for any of your special dietary requirements (vegetarian, vegan etc).

What will I receive after I register?

Once we have received your registration and payment you will receive a confirmation letter in the mail and via email. This letter will confirm the date, time and venue of your course and any other information you will need to know. A receipt for your training will also be sent with your confirmation letter.

When is my payment due?

Payment is due upon booking. Your space will not be reserved without payment.

What Continuing Education Do You Provide?

In addition to our Level I, II, and III courses, Infraspection Institute hosts IR/INFO, an annual Advanced Training Conference, Technical Symposium and Technology Exposition. Since 1980, IR/INFO has been the infrared industry’s premiere showcase for the latest in applications, equipment, techniques and standards. IR/INFO provides a unique forum in which our industry’s brightest professionals exchange up-to-the-minute information, ideas and business strategies. Be sure to join us for 4 days of learning, networking and fun

How is Distance Learning Different?

Infraspection Institute is the world’s first company to offer Distance Learning Courses for Thermography. We utilize state-of-the-art web servers and dynamic multimedia resources to provide a unique, quality educational experience. Our Distance Learning Courses are based upon our Level I, II, and III course content and meet all ASNT training requirements for the certification of NDT personnel. All courses are taught by Infraspection Institute Level III Certified Infrared Thermographers each having over 20 years of professional experience.

All Distance Learning Courses are divided into narrated 1 hour units allowing you to work at a pace that’s convenient for you. With our Distance Learning Courses you can tailor your infrared education through our wide selection of application and industry specific courses.

What Do I Receive for My Tuition?

Tuition for Infraspection open enrollment courses includes the following: All course materials including Student Reference Manual, Certified Infrared Thermographer Exam at end of Course, Trial copy of Exception® Data Management and Report Generation Software, and Continental Breakfast and Lunch during the course.

On-site courses include the above plus field trips. Meals and meeting space can be provided upon request.

Distance Learning Courses include the following: Student Reference Manual, multi-question online quizzes for each course unit, Exception® Report Generation Software, hands-on experiments utilizing provided materials, instructions for self-directed field assignments, written proof of course completion.

How Does a Person Become an Infraspection Certified Infrared Thermographer®?

Upon completion of an Infraspection Institute Level I, II, or III Course, students are welcome to take the Infraspection Institute Certified Infrared Thermographer® exam. These exams are open book tests that are based upon content of the subject course. Students who score 80% or higher receive an Infraspection Institute Certified Infrared Thermographer® Certificate. Infraspection certification is good for life and does not expire. There are no renewal fees associated with Infraspection Institute certification.