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Thermal Imager Training

IPI Learning is a one stop training centre for a range of Predictive Maintenance technologies, including Thermal Imaging courses, IR Windows & Ultrasound.

We provide a comprehensive range of Predictive Maintenance training courses.  From professional Thermographers to in-house Maintenance Engineers, from Pest Inspectors to Building Inspectors, our thermal imaging courses are designed to provide you with the skills you need to perform your surveys with confidence, competence and most importantly, results.  We host a large range of courses including certification courses, workshops, refresher courses and online distance learning thermal imaging courses to meet the wide and varied needs of our customers.  IPI Learning trains employees of large international corporations and stand alone operators in cities all over Australia, providing the most comprehensive and progressive Predictive Maintenance training in the country.

For almost 20 years, IPI has provided expert Predictive Maintenance services, including training, sales support and professional consultancy to industry. Our trainers are ALL level III Certified with the Infraspection Institute, have decades of real world experience, and are qualified in training and assessment (TAE 40110) in Australia.

Our SIM Centre training facility has been designed as a state of the art learning facility, complete with cutting edge equipment designed to prepare you for any situation you may encounter in the field.

Our Customers Rate Us

Classroom Presentation 95
Manual 97
Instructor Organisation/Preparation 98
Clarity of Presentation 96
Answered Questions 98
Thermal Imager Training Brenton Ward
Brenton WardGeneral Manager

  • Level III Infraspection Institute Certified Thermographer,
  • Level III Infraspection Institute Certified Instructor
  • Infraspection Institute Master Thermographer
  • Level II Airborne Ultrasound
Thermal Imager Training Garry Ward
Garry WardSenior Consultant

  • Level III Infraspection Institute Certified Infrared Thermographer®
  • Level III Infraspection Institute Certified Instructor
  • InfraspectIon Institute Master Thermographer
  • Level I Airborne Ultrasound
  • Industrial Chemist and Process Measurement Specialist

Our Valuable Team

Thermography Course Tamara Pilkington
Tamara PilkingtonMarketing Manager

Tamara is a veteran marketer with years of experience in advertising and marketing. Her passion and flair for communication facilitate informative websites that are clear, concise and accurate in their representations. 

Thermography Course Lou Imre
Lou ImreTraining Consultant

Lou’s many years of experience with Instrumentation, Process Control and in Infrared Measurement (specialising in industrial) has seen him work with applications in many fields, thus providing him the depth to help you make the right choices in your training and equipment choice.

Thermography Course Kim Goodger
Kim GoodgerOffice Manager & Training Coordinator

Kim is a Level II Certified Infrared thermographer and an experienced training coordinator who will ensure your learning experience with IPI Learning is a great one. She will provide you with all the support you need to enroll in our courses, access student resources and will assist you with any travel or accommodation requirements.


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